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At Work in the US

At Work in the US

At Work in the US
At Work in the U.S. will help your beginning-level English language learners gain general language skills and cultural understanding needed to function successfully at work.

An effective precursor to On-the-Job English, lessons are centered around an immigrant family working in the U.S. and their specific experiences. Skills taught can easily be transferred to meet students' personal requirements, regardless of their work or job status, and will have an immediate impact on their work.

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At Work in the US

At Work in the US materials are developed to the highest standards for student success. Every element from content and instructional approaches to graphic design and illustration attends to the special needs of the intended audience.

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    At Work in the US

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    At Work in the US Student Book 9781564203939 Book #7161 $14.75
    At Work in the US Audiotape 1564203956 Cassette Tape #7162 $18.00
    At Work in the US Audio CD 9781564204295 Audio CD #7163 $18.00
    At Work in the US Teacher's Resource Guide 9781564203960 Book #7164 $29.50

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