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Basic Life Skills at Work CD ROM

Basic Life Skills at Work CD ROM

Basic Life Skills at Work
Designed by specialists in drop-out prevention and adult-learner training, this product aims to help combat literacy problems in the workforce.

With 72 activities to improve basic language, math and workplace skills, this software provides up to 140 hours of training to adult learners in ABE, ESL and workplace literacy programs.

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Basic Life Skills at Work

"Basic Life Skills at Work" materials are developed to the highest standards for student success. Every element from content and instructional approaches to graphic design and illustration attends to the special needs of the intended audience. Included in this set are an Instructor's Manual, a User Guide and a cross-platform CD-ROM.


Features of Basic Life Skills at Work:

The program is divided into two parts:

These activities can also be done independently and are separated in 9 Learning Modules:


Along with the Learning Modules, the game section provides the context for problem-solving activities that help enhance the player’s ability to:


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System Requirements

Computer requirements:

Windows 3.1 or Win95; 486, 33MHz processor or better;

Macintosh: 68020 or better or Power PC; System 7.1 or higher;

8 MB RAM; SVGA 640 x 480, 256 colors, 2X CD-ROM drive, Windows-compatible sound card, Sound Blaster; speakers.


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Basic Life Skills at Work
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