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Business Express

Business Express Interactive Business English Video Course

Business Express Interactive Business English Video Course
The major emphasis in this course is on teaching students modern American Business English. Business Express is ideally suited as a self-instructional Business English course. It is also a useful supplemental tool for a school or university program. One or many students can work with it at the same time and teenagers and adults will find it interesting and challenging. Some knowledge of English is required to use this course.

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Business Express

Learn Quickly
Business Express is a self-instructional business English course designed for students with a basic knowledge of English. The combination of seeing the live image, hearing the spoken word, reading the written word, and, most importantly, speaking to your video instructors, powerfully locks the language into memory. In each lesson, you will be asked questions by your video instructors about the acted scenes you have just viewed. Then, you have time to respond verbally and to compare your responses with professional speakers. This interactive approach guarantees rapid progress and excellent retention of what you have learned.

Learn Useful Information
Business Express contains three video cassettes and a comprehensive workbook. As you work through the course, you will follow two young entrepreneurs as they go from the planning stages of opening a business to running a successful corporation. The course is divided into ten lessons covering: general economy, relevant legal and banking considerations, loans, mortgages, buying and selling real estate, employment, marketing, advertising, sales, supplies and packaging. Additionally, each lesson contains a comprehensive vocabulary building section which employs video screens, graphs, charts, and photographs.

Dedicated to Excellence
Established over fifteen years ago, American Video Language Institute Inc. has become the leader in the video language learning industry because of its policy of intensive research and product refinement enabling them to provide the highest quality and most effective language courses available. Both Business Express and its basic English course Speak to Me have received 4 star awards for excellence in content and quality from ABC-Clio Video Rating Guide for Libraries.

An Excellent Investment
English, the primary language of travel and international business, will be needed even more than it is today as the global economy increasingly becomes a reality. A knowledge of business English will increase your self-confidence and enhance your career and business opportunities. An investment in learning business English is truly an investment in your future.

The Business Express Package comes with:

  • Three video cassettes
  • One comprehensive workbook


The following review by Lynda F. Whitton-Henley is taken from the ABC Clio's Video Rating Guide for Libraries. The review is of the previous edition of Business Express (2001), which had 7 videos and 4 audiotapes.

Business Express
The producers of this program have created a multimedia package for those interested in learning or improving their understanding and speaking of business English.

The seven videos (45-50 minutes each) and four audio cassettes (60 minutes each) come in a convenient carrying case with two small workbooks. The workbooks include the video script, vocabulary definitions and exercises, and a list of vocabulary words. The workbooks are available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Each lesson is sequenced in a logical order. The video, audio cassettes, and workbooks break up each lesson with question periods and time or space to answer them.

Business Express may be used at home, at the office, or as a supplement to a school or university program. Modern, everyday business terminology is incorporated into typical steps in opening a business, setting up a bank account, buying and selling real estate, and employment procedures.

Production qualities are excellent. The settings change appropriately with the discussion; they are usually simple, with emphasis on the conversations between the actors and the narrator. The videos enable the student to visualize the words being learned, while the audio tapes are convenient and reinforce the videos.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) student or businessperson will be challenged by this series and benefit from seeing the discussions take place in appropriate business settings. The international business person will gain from seeing how business is done in the United States.

This series would be appropriate for high schools, community colleges, university business colleges, and public libraries providing materials for ESL.


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