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Our headsets are perfectly designed to fit any of your personal or network language software needs.


Labtec Stereo Headset With Microphone
Clear, stereo sound and a value price make the entry-level stereo 332 Headset a great choice for voice-over-IP and other voice applications. The stereo 332 is certified for speech recognition and is specially engineered for comfort and durability.

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ESL Audio Courses

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Pimsleur American English as a Second Language
This is a state of the art ESL course for non-English speakers. The popular Pimsleur course does not use a book but uses a completely aural approach to language learning, perfect for learning "on-the-go". Features a proficiency-based system that helps the student learn through listening and speaking practice. Available for speakers of Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian, and Spanish.
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Power-Glide ESL Spanish Ultimate - ESL  audio course Power-Glide ESL Spanish Ultimate
The Power-Glide ESL Spanish Ultimate course starts you on a path toward language fluency, using the most innovative and effective language teaching activities available. The focus of Power-Glide ESL Spanish is to help Spanish speakers communicate freely and expressively in English. The course opens the door to new skills and opportunities! The methodology of the course is a blend of the best innovations based on up-to-date understanding of linguistics and learning psychology.
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