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ESL Grammar Books

Like it or not, grammar shapes the reality within which we live. Learning grammar is one of the fundamental exercises of language acquisition. It doesn't have to be dull or boring if you do it right!

Interchange Third Edition

Interchange Third Edition
Interchange Third Edition is a fully revised edition of New Interchange, the world's most successful English series for adult and young adult learners. Each unit includes up-to-date content, additional grammar practice, and more opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills. The series incorporates suggestions from teachers and students all over the world.
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Touchstone is an innovative new series for adult and young adult learners of English. It draws on extensive research into the Cambridge International Corpus of North American English - a large database of everyday conversations and texts that shows how people actually use English. Easy and enjoyable to teach, Touchstone is packed with new and exciting ideas, offering a fresh approach to the teaching and learning of English.

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Passages is a two-level, multi-skills course that takes students of English as a second language from the high-intermediate to advanced level. It is designed to follow the Interchange Third Edition and New Interchange approach to listening and speaking by offering a communicative methodology that focuses on both fluency and accuracy.
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New Interchange Series

New Interchange Series
New Interchange features many useful components, including a Student's Book, a Teacher's Edition, a Workbook, Class Audio Cassettes or CDs, Student's Audio Cassettes or CDs, a Video, a CD-ROM, Lab Cassettes, a Placement and Evaluation Package and a Teacher Training Video and Video Manual.
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Side by Side (Third Edition)

Side by Side (Third Edition)
Side by Side Third Edition is a new and improved version of this dynamic, all-skills program that integrates conversation practice, reading, writing and listening - all in a light-hearted, fun, and easy-to-use format that has been embraced by students and teachers worldwide.
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Azar Reading and Using English Grammar

Azar's Understanding and Using English Grammar
Understanding and Using English Grammar is a developmental skills text for intermediate to advanced students of English as a second or foreign language. While focusing on grammar, it promotes the development of all language skills in a variety of ways.

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Jazz Chants for Children

Jazz Chants for Children
For beginning students of English
Jazz Chants for Children is a delightful collection of chants, songs, and poems written especially for children. These jazz chants revolve around children and employ the natural language that children use. Each two-page unit presents a basic structure of the language that is reinforced by a picture (such as a puzzle, maze, or hidden-word grid). Jazz Chants for Children has been used successfully by teachers all over the world. A 60-minute cassette, recorded by the author with a group of children, contains all the chants, songs, and poems. The Teacher's Edition includes step-by-step instructions for classroom presentation as well as reduced Student Book pages. A valuable structure key provides an index to the structures taught through the chants.
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Easy Writer Software Easy Writer Interactive Software for ESL
This software for Windows PCs lets you read, choose and edit compositions that ESL students from all over the world have written. This is the only software program that lets students work with authentic writing and authentic errors. Easy Writer will improve writing skills, entertain, and challenge students for hours.
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Longman Focus on Grammar

Longman Focus on Grammar CD-ROMS
Clear, contextualized, and interactive, this user-friendly, four-level software program provides extensive multimedia grammar practice through lively reading, listening, and writing activities. The course is available for learners of English on a basic, intermediate, high-intermediate and advanced level (one CD-ROM per level).
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