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Handheld Devices and PDA Software & Utilities

Need a translator on the go? Then you need a handheld translation device.
Below we have handheld devices, and a variety of translation software and utilities to suit all of the different PDA devices on the market.

Ectaco Language Teacher Dictionaries

Handheld Electronic Translators

Speech-to-Speech translation, full-text translation, 1,000,000 word bidirectional dictionaries, and a wide range of linguistic functions make these electronic handheld devices valuable tools. Handheld electronic devices come in different varieties to suit the needs of language students, professional interpreters, business people, or any traveler or person living abroad. These multilingual handheld function as talking phrase translators, convenient organizers, and provide you with the complete capability of a dictionary.

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Translation software for Portable Devices

Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Smartphones Translation Software

Translation software for different PDAs feature a large volume dictionary database and the ability to translate to and from a language, allowing you to select the exact word translation. Software available for:

Also available:

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