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Passages 3rd Editionis a two-level, multi-skills course that takes students of English as a second language from the high-intermediate to advanced level. It is designed to follow the Interchange Fourth Edition approach to listening and speaking by offering a communicative methodology that focuses on both fluency and accuracy. At the same time, it provides more opportunities to develop reading and writing abilities, as well as more challenging content to develop students' higher-level thinking skills.

Level 1 takes learners from the high-intermediate to low-advanced level.

Level 2 further extends the communicative abilities of students, bringing them to an advanced level.


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Key Features of Passages

  • High-interest thematic units

  • Complete writing syllabus

  • Engaging, authentic readings and recordings

  • Regular review units

  • Thought-provoking discussion topics

  • Systematic presentation of grammar

  • Interactive vocabulary-building activities



Student's Book | Workbook | Teacher's Manual | Audio Program

Passages Student's Book

The Passages Student's Book features:

  • Engaging presentation of high-interest topics
  • Ample opportunities for personalization and discussion
  • Systematic treatment of grammar and vocabulary
  • Beautiful, full-color design
  • 12 eight-page units and four review units
  • Materials for 60 to 90 hours of class instruction
  • Grammar Extension exercises


Sample Chapter

Adobe PDFDownload a sample chapter from the Student's Book in Adobe PDF.


Passages Workbook

The Passages Workbook features:

  • Reinforcement and extension of the language in the Student's Book
  • Special attention to Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing
  • Opportunities for both class and at-home use
  • Attractive design, photos, and illustrations
  • Authentic reading materials related each unit topic
  • 12 six-page units divided into two three-page lessons, matching the organization of the Student's Book





Passages Teacher's Manual

The Passages Teacher's Manual features:

  • Detailed instructions for using the course
  • Unit-by-unit notes
  • Numerous suggestions for supplementary activities
  • Complete answer keys
  • Transcripts of listening activities


Adobe PDFDownload a sample chapter from the Teacher's Manual in Adobe PDF.



Passages Audio

The Passages Audio Program consists of Class Audio Cassettes or CDs. The program provides:

  • Models of natural, conversational English
  • Engaging, authentic recordings to stimulate discussion
  • Opportunities to develop skills such as listening for general ideas, listening for specific information, and making inferences
  • A variety of native and non-native speaker voices and accent


Audio SampleDownload mp3 audio sample from Passages Class Audio.


Sample Pages


Sample Pages of Student's Book and Teacher's Manual
Sample Student Page
Sample Student Page
Sample Teacher's Page

For additional samples, please view the components above.



Customer Testimonials

"I've really enjoyed using Passages in my class. The material encourages students to reflect on their own experience and to express it in their new language; this is invaluable! Passages has everything a good text should have: Interesting topics, a fine mix of activities, and a very attractive layout. I highly recommend it."
- Edward Ryan
  St. Francis Xavier Adult Education Program, New York, NY

"My students really enjoy the communicative nature of the tasks and we often expand into wonderful discussions which make for an exciting and rewarding class. I'm so happy with the New Interchange series. It's no surprise that Passages fits my students' needs perfectly."
- Susan Rhine
  Director, Wabash Valley College, Mt. Carmel, IL


Frequently Asked Questions about Passages

Q: What does it mean that Passages has a thematic syllabus?
A: Each unit of the Student's Book is organized around a central topic or theme that is of high interest to the students, providing many opportunities for personalization discussion and promoting both linguistic and communication skills.

Q: Are the reading passages authentic?
A: Yes. The texts are adapted from a variety of authentic sources relating to the theme of the lesson and the necessary reading strategies and skills. Also, the reading passages are meant to serve as a starting point for further group or class discussion.

Q: What is contained in the Teacher's Manual?
A: The Teacher's Manual has detailed suggestions on how to teach the course, unit-by-unit notes, suggestions for optional activities, complete answer keys and transcripts of the listening activities.

Q: Are the cassettes recorded in North American English?
A: Yes, but non-native accents are also used where appropriate.

Q: What is the length of the course?
A: Each level of Passages provides material for 60-90 hours of class instruction. If more time is available, the Teacher's Manual provides Optional Activities to extend each Unit.



Passages Pricing

Level 1 (High Intermediate)

Media Type
Part #
Purchase Online
Passages Student's Book & CD-Audio - Level 1 9781107627055 Book + Audio CD #9765 $41.25
Passages Workbook - Level 1 9781107627253 Book #9766 $18.00
Passages Teacher's Guide & CD-Audio - Level 1 9781107627680 Book + Audio CD #9767 $63.50
Passages Class Audio CD - Level 1 9781107627543 Audio CD #9768 $73.50
Passages Level 1 DVD 9781107627628 CD-ROM PC #9769 $199.25
Passages Level 1 Classware 9780521165778 CD-ROM PC #9676 $106.25


Level 2 (Advanced)

Media Type
Part #
Purchase Online
Passages Student's Book & CD-Audio - Level 2 9781107627079 Book + Audio CD #9771 $41.25
Passages Workbook - Level 2 9781107627260 Book #9772 $18.00
Passages Teacher Guide & CD-Audio - Level 2 9781107627666 Book + Audio CD #9773 $63.50
Passages Class Audio CD - Level 2 9781107627499 Audio CD #9774 $73.50
Passages Level 2 DVD 9781107627642 Book + CD-ROM #9775 $199.25
Passages Level 2 Classware 9780521165785 Book + CD-ROM #9677 $106.25


Review Tests

Media Type
Part #
Purchase Online
Passages Presentation Plus 9781107666269 DVD-ROM PC & Mac #9770 $164.50



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