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Power-Glide ESL Spanish Ultimate

Power-Glide ESL Spanish Ultimate  Audio Course

Power-Glide ESL Spanish Ultimate
The Power-Glide ESL Spanish Ultimate course starts you on a path toward language fluency, using the most innovative and effective language teaching activities available. The focus of Power-Glide ESL Spanish is to help Spanish speakers communicate freely and expressively in English. The course opens the door to new skills and opportunities! The methodology of the course is a blend of the best innovations based on up-to-date understanding of linguistics and learning psychology.

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Power-Glide ESL Spanish Ultimate

Power-Glide ESL Spanish is easy enough for beginners, but robust enough to help you develop advanced language skills. It allows you to go from beginning to advanced levels in one course. And since Power-Glide is fully accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, you're assured of quality and ease of obtaining credit.

Excerpt from the Power-Glide ESL Spanish Course
Power-Glide ESL Spanish is an easy to use, comprehensive course. It makes learning English fun. Get ready for the adventure of your life! Read an excerpt in Spanish from the course below:

"Esta amaneciendo. Tu compañero y tú son agentes del servicio secreto y están asignados a aterrizar en paracaídas en una isla. Esta isla pequeña se encuentra en la costa este de los Estados Unidos. Las isla ha sido invadida por agentes de un lugar desconocida. Tu misión es de descubrir por qué ésta pequeña isla ha sido capturada. ¿Qué hay en esa isla que la hace tan valiosa? La única información que tienes hasta ahora, es que un submarino te va a recoger en el extremo norte de la isla a la medianoche."

Speak the language, not just pass the test
The focus of Power-Glide ESL Spanish is to help Spanish speakers communicate freely and expressively in English. You won't find mazes of grammar rules, boring rote memorization, and mind-numbing drills. Instead, Power-Glide ESL Spanish gives you real language learning—the kind where you actually internalize the language, and begin to use it as your own.

Puzzles, games, stories, music
The activities in the course are diverse enough to accommodate many different learning styles and aptitudes. You'll find music, stories, memory aids, you-are-there adventures, kinesthetic, visual, audio activities, and more. In addition, Power-Glide ESL Spanish can be used:

  • with or without a teacher
  • in groups or individually and self-paced

What you will learn in this course:

  • Time of Day
  • Greetings & Goodbyes
  • Location & Direction
  • Family Vocabulary
  • Color
  • Plants & Animals
  • Alphabet
  • Location
  • Clothing Vocabulary
  • Questions
  • Pronouns
  • Numbers
  • Possession
  • Action Verbs
  • Shapes & Lines
  • Verb Agreement
  • Past, Present & Future Tense Verbs
  • Stories, Songs, and much more!

The Power-Glide Creator
Robert W. Blair, Ph.D., is the creator of Power-Glide language courses. His methods are informed by current language acquisition theory and rooted in the work of world-renowned language teaching innovators. These methods provide a rich experience in communication and make the course fun and engaging.

Dr Blair, creator of the Power-Glide language course.Listen to what Dr Blair has to say about Power-Glide.

Included in the course:

  • 4 Audio CDs
    Audio activities from the course are conveniently organized and separated by track on the CDs.
  • Workbook
    322 Pages. The core of Power-Glide's robust and award winning language course. Divided into sections, it includes cultural information, self-tests, written exercises, and is linked to the audio CDs, so finding your way through it is as easy as pushing play and following along.

The Power-Glide Method

Why are Power-Glide programs so effective? They are a blend of the best innovations based on up-to-date understanding of linguistics and learning psychology.

With few exceptions, language-learning methods have not changed much in the past 50 years. What you typically find today is the old "listen-and-repeat" methods done with new technology: tapes, CDs, computers, etc., packaged and worded to make them seem new. But they usually aren't new at all. They are the same old "uglies" of language learning repackaged to look new. The essence hasn't changed.

Occasionally a few creative geniuses have made breakthroughs in language learning. See the chart below for examples.

Breakthroughs in Language Learning:

Chart of break-throughs in Language Learning

Each breakthrough has added something to language learning effectiveness. But, each method focused on its own approach almost exclusively. Then one linguist, Dr. Robert Blair, took the most revolutionary step of all. He put the best of them together into a systematic learning process, added his own innovations, and tested and validated it with thousands of students. This integrated and improved result is now known as the POWER-GLIDE method.

Power-Glide programs are revolutionary because they do not limit themselves to one type of learning strategy, but utilize the best practices from around the world. Most developers of language training have one primary strategy that they use. It might be listening and repeating, or role-playing, mnemonics, games, Diglot-Weaves* (see explanation below, nr 6 of "Features of the Power-Glide Approach), or any number of other approaches. While these methods might be good for certain situations, the Power-Glide programs use each strategy for its best application. Thus, the overall learning is accelerated exponentially. Also, the variety of learning activities and approaches make it easy for all types of learners to absorb the language faster than with traditional methods.

The self-paced nature of the courses makes it possible for teachers or parents who do not know the target language to help a child learn without any prior training. The Power-Glid courses actually offer teacher/parent guides that are filled with ideas to keep students motivated and progressing.

Features of the Power-Glide Approach

  1. Language specific
    Unlike most language training programs, Power-Glide courses are designed for speakers of specific languages, rather than the “one size fits all” approach. This takes advantage of what each language community knows and doesn’t know and avoids wasted effort as well as special techniques to address language-specific problems.

  2. Based on up-to-date information/research on linguistics and learning psychology
    While the Power-Glide method is revolutionary, it is based on solid research and the most up-to-date information on the relevant disciplines.

  3. Involves learners in immediate use of the language in real situations
    Power-Glide courses avoid the drudgery of rote memorization of words and rules by immediately involving the learners in practical use of the language in real situations. This keeps interest, confidence, and motivation high.

  4. Uses adventure stories and activities
    From the beginning, the students are involved in an adventure story and activities that are like a fun game to them. Thus they enjoy their studies and are highly motivated to continue the learning.

  5. Uses multiple methods of learning: music, stories, activities, and more
    People have different learning styles. By using various methods, music, stories, etc., everyone’s style will be included and interest and variety will be enhanced.

  6. Uses Diglot Weave
    Students start with familiar stories in their own language and gradually transition word by word, into the other language. The context provides the meaning and thus makes the learning an almost effortless, natural process.

  7. Takes learners from the known to the unknown along the easiest path
    While learning a foreign language can be challenging, it does not need to be brutal. The Power-Glide method guides the learners through the most productive and gentle paths.

  8. Uses memory devices and phonemic approximations
    Learning the right pronunciation and remembering the words and phrases of another language are greatly facilitated by using memory devises and acceptable approximations from the users own language. This also reduces the “fear” of learning that many people experience.

  9. Starts with young children before their language “compartments” solidify
    While Power-Glide programs can be used by anyone at any age, it includes courses for young children whose minds are still open to learning a language as a native speaker. By doing so, the language will feel like skin rather than clothes.

  10. Doesn't require teachers
    One of the greatest advantages of Power-Glide courses is the fact that the teacher, parent or facilitator doesn’t need to know the language in order to assist the learner in the process. The one assisting also learns as an unexpected byproduct of their helping.

  11. Uses tests and gives academic credit
    By working with school systems, many Power-Glide course include academic tests which are recognized as, and can qualify for, school credit. This systematic testing also provides additional motivation and pacing.

  12. Many other innovative strategies
    Increases motivation, retention, joy of learning, desire to use.

What the Clients Say

"Speaking and thinking spontaneously in a foreign language is challenging, but is an important goal that is hard to achieve with traditional programs. In Power-Glide courses, emphasis is not on mechanics and rote learning. This course aims to teach children in a manner that simulates natural language acquisition."
Stepanie Heese, reviewer, The Review Corner

"Thirty years ago, in Guatemala, I used Dr. Blair¹s materials and they were the best I had ever seen. Now that I could ‘test’ the materials with more than 40 students in various classes, I am even more convinced that they are the best language teaching materials in existence today."
Herbert Horne, linguist, former teacher for Wycliffe Bible Translators, and current homeschool co-op administrator

"Most curriculum developers seem to have forgotten what it was like to sit endlessly in a classroom listening and pretending to be interested in boring subject material, but not Dr. Blair."
Susan Moore, reviewer, Editor’s Choice

"As one who designs educational programs for individual students in our school, I must tell you how impressed I have been with the Power-Glide material. I was able to examine the second year course material for our community college. Your course is more comprehensive!"
Linda Rittner, Director, Pleasant Hill Academy

"Miles beyond the traditional text in creativity and interest level."
Cathy Duffy, Author, Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual

"Power-Glide delivers what it promises. With this course you won't be intimidated to teach a foreign language. Every successful lesson learned will motivate you to move on to the next one."
Kathy von Duyke, Editor, KONOS Helps!

"Unlike other higher-priced courses, the approach does not contain repetitive drills, is not strictly hearsay, and does not promise subliminal learning. It is fast-paced and takes full concentration. The use of the full-sized textbook included with the tapes makes it a more comprehensive course than others with twice the number of tapes."
Anne Brodbeck, reviewer for Mary Pride's, Practical Homeschooling

"I really love the way that a concept is presented, used in various examples and then left for the student to take the next leap and apply key information in different ways. You can actually watch the light bulb flash brightly above your child's head! She gets it!"
Nancy Lande, Author, Homeschooling: A Patchwork of Days

"I've been chipping away at Spanish for 20+ years and have purchased umpteen zillion programs. I was immediately impressed by how much conversational fluency I felt I gained in the two short hours of my flight home."
Cafi Cohen, Author, And What about College?
How Homeschooling Leads to Admissions to the Best Colleges and Universities


Power-Glide ESL Spanish Ultimate N/A Book + Audio CD #6656 $169.95

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