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Pronunciation Power CD-ROM

Pronunciation PowerPronunciation Power CD-ROM for Mac And Windows
Pronunciation Power focuses specifically on pronunciation of American English and is ideal for language labs and self-learners with either a PC or Macintosh multimedia computer. It teaches all 52 American English sounds and even includes QuickTime videos of both forward and lateral views of proper mouth position.

Pronunciation Power comes in packages for two levels:

  • Pronunciation Power 1 is aimed at those at an beginning to intermediate level, and comes with the 8-in-1 English Dictionary at no additional cost
  • Pronunciation Power 2 is for those at an intermediate to advanced level. Recommended for all beginning to advanced students of English.
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About Pronunciation Power

Pronunciation Power is a great CD-ROM tool for both Windows and Macintosh that teaches proper pronunciation of all 52 American English sounds. This program is designed by ESL language professionals and is very thorough. It even reinforces the learning through interactive drills and many helpful exercises. Plus, it has QuickTime movies to illustrate proper tongue and lip position. This program is highly recommended for any ESL language lab or home use.

Many ESL students complain that the hardest part about learning English is pronunciation. Most students of English spend hundreds of hours learning grammar and vocabulary but cannot be understood when the time comes to communicate with real Americans. In America, as in other cultures, poor pronunciation can be confused with ignorance and will often result in less than desired results in business and social situations. Don't be a victim of bad pronunciation! Pronunciation Power teaches you all 52 American English sounds and gives you multiple drills on each one! It's really like having a personal tutor on a CD-ROM!

Pronunciation Power comes in packages for two levels: Pronunciation Power 1 is aimed at those at an intermediate to beginning level, and comes with the 8-in-1 English Dictionary at no additional cost. Pronunciation Power 2 is for those at an intermediate to advanced level.

Powerful features include:

8-in-1 English Dictionary (in Pronunciation Power 1 only)
This dictionary will help you improve your pronunciation, reading comprehension, vocabulary and spelling abilities. Its many features include translations in 12 different languages, 1700 pictures and graphics to help you learn, listening to and recording over 7000 words including plurals of the nouns and forms of the verbs, and 10 different ways to search for words.

Sound Menu
Choose one of 52 sounds simply by clicking on it with the mouse. Hear any of the 52 sounds pronounced by the instructor. Students will easily navigate through the speech analysis lessons and exercises.

Speech Analysis
Listen to the instructor pronounce the sound and view the instructor's waveform. Record your own pronunciation of the sound. Compare the sound and wave form of your voice to that of the native speaker. It's fun and easy!

Lessons with video for all 52 sounds
Listen to the native speaker pronounce each of the 52 sounds you need to pronounce American English perfectly. Then repeat the sounds you hear into the optional microphone. The program records your voice and plays it back to you. While you do this, the computer displays in QuickTime video the proper mouth position for each sound with both front and side views.

Reinforcement Exercises
Choose from four exercises to help you practice the sound you have chosen. The exercises feature proven methods to help the student learn. The lessons are repeatable and will challenge even the advanced learner.

Lots of Audio
Includes 15 sample words per sound and 20 comparative words per sound. Listen to the instructor pronounce the sample and comparative words. Record your own voice and play it back. Then you can compare it to the instructor on the CD-ROM. This is how you carefully learn proper pronunciation.

View Demonstration

Pronunciation Power 1 + 2 Demo

This video demo requires that you have Macromedia Shockwave Player installed on your computer. If you do not have Macromedia Shockwave Player installed, please go to the Macromedia web site to download Shockwave Player for FREE.


Screen Shots

Pronuncation Power 2 Screenshot;
Learn how sounds are formed.

Click to view larger image.

Pronuncation Power 1 Screenshot

Pronuncation Power 1 Screenshot;
Practice speaking and reading skills.

Click to view larger image.

Pronuncation Power 1 Screenshot;
Learn how to pronounce a sound correctly

Click to view larger image.


"Pronunciation Power is the only pronunciation software in our Macintosh based language labs at this time. The interface is intuitive enough to follow without reference to any manual or other instructions; a prerequisite for programs in our labs. Simple access to playing native models, recording student production, and comparing the two make this program an effective tool for learning instead of an obstacle, as more complicated programs sometimes prove to be. The variety of minimal pair discrimination exercises for all 52 phonemes presented provides plenty of instruction, practice, and reinforcement for students looking to improve their listening comprehension and pronunciation."
John de Szendeffy
Multimedia Language Lab
Center for English Learning and Orientation Programs
Boston University

"I would like to congratulate you and your design team; Pronunciation Power is an excellent teaching tool. It is also the program of choice by most of our students in our English Language Institute because of its ease of use, logical sequencing, variety and overall capacity of the program.

We look forward to receiving your future products and ongoing updates."

William B. Stewart
President and CEO
The YMCA of Greater Vancouver

"Pronunciation Power is truly one of the best and most powerful pieces of software for students to improve their pronunciation of the English language. Compatible for both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems, students can spend hours improving their pronunciation as well as listening skills. And, most importantly, it's very interactive and easy to use! I can highly recommend this excellent product."

Dave Sperling
California State University, Northridge
Dave's ESL Cafe (

Pronunciation Power gives the user a wonderfully exciting experience to learn on one's own.

Kathryn Chiu
Manager Language Training Section
Proctor and Gamble Corporate Training Group, China

"Pronunciation Power has built in steps to developing fluency, beginning with listening exercises which concentrate on receptive skills and building up to recording pronunciation exercises. Students can hear the sound replayed as often as necessary, and record their voices for comparison. A visual representation of the sound aids pronunciation. A variety of activities reinforce the target sounds. Instructors can listen to the recordings and provide feedback. Higher level students can cope well with the written descriptions of sounds. The sound analysis feature is unique and could benefit students at all points on the CLB spectrum. Rating: Excellent."

National ESL Software Inventory
ESL/LINC Software Database Project
Ottawa Board of Education

"Pronunciation Power is an excellent tool for students to learn the correct pronunciation of sounds as they are used in the English language. My students are extremely pleased with its easy to use and effective design. This software stands out as the best in its class and nothing compares in its price range. It is affordable, comprehensive and gives hours upon hours of solid practice. this products stands alone with its numerous lessons, exercises and visual feedback. the speech analysis lets learners see where they're going wrong, even if they can't hear it. Pronunciation Power is an outstanding piece of educational software, I'd recommend it for any second language learner."

Michael J. Galli
ESL Program Consultant & Instructor
Metropolitan Separate School Board
Toronto, Ontario

System requirements

PCs: Intel Pentium processor at 100MHz or faster; Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP/; 32MB of RAM; 800x600 resolution at 16-bit (thousands) of colors; 4x CD-ROM drive or faster; high quality microphone; speakers; 5MB available disk space.

MacOS Compatible Computers: Power PC at 100MHz or faster, System 7.5.3 or later; 20MB of available RAM; 800x600 resolution at 16-bit (thousands) of colors; 4x CD-ROM drive or faster; high quality microphone; speakers; 5MB available disk space.

Pricing for Pronunciation Power

Media Type
Part #
Purchase Online
Pronunciation Power 1 (1 User) 9780968187753 CD-ROM PC & Mac #4150 $154.95
Pronunciation Power 2 (1 User) 9780968187708 CD-ROM PC & Mac #2612 $93.95
Pronunciation Power 1 & 2 Bundle (1 User) N/A CD-ROM PC & Mac #6779 $204.95

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