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Touchdown Math

Touchdown Math Series
The Touchdown Math Series is an ideal way to reinforce key math computational skills in a highly motivating environment. Students quarterback their teams to victory by working through a wide range of problem types preselected by teachers or selected by students. Correct answers gain yardage and first downs. Wrong answers allow the defense to take over.

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CD-ROM based program for Windows or MAC Operating System, network version available.
Available Languages:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Target Audience
Elementary through High School Students
Interactive Game Based
Reinforcement and practice of math skills
Student Tracking
Training Available
Interactive CD-ROMS



About Touchdown Math

Touchdown Math is split into 5 exciting interactive games.


Touchdown Math Whole Numbers

Key Concepts include:


Touchdown Math Fractions

Key Concepts include:


Touchdown Math Decimals

Key Concepts include:


Touchdown Math Percent

Key Concepts include:


Touchdown Math Rounding

Key Concepts include:


Touchdown Math Features


Series Features
• Each title offers a wide range of carefully selected skills.

• Time out feature provides struggling students with helpful step-by-step tutorials (CD-ROM only).

• Perfect blend of time-on-task learning with football excitement.


Series Applications
• Works well in the classroom, computer lab and media center.

• Use to supplement textbooks and other core math instruction.


Series Management
• Utilize self-enroll with automatic monitoring of students’ progress.

• Customize programs for individual needs by selecting skills, setting difficulty levels, and tailoring program features.


Sample Screen Shots from Touchdown Math




The Touchdown Math Demo is availble in either a Windows or MAC format.
The demo is an example of the Touchdown Math Whole Number program in the Touchdown Math bundle.




System Requirements




Media Type
Part #
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Touchdown Math Bundle N/A CD-ROM PC & Mac #7554 $320.00
Touchdown Math Bundle Labs (5 Computer Site License) N/A CD-ROM PC & Mac #7555 $770.00
Touchdown Math Bundle Net/Site (Unlimited Site License) N/A CD-ROM PC & Mac #7556 $2700.00

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