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Touchstone 2nd Editionis an innovative new series for adult and young adult learners of English. It draws on extensive research into the Cambridge International Corpus of North American English - a large database of everyday conversations and texts that shows how people actually use English.

Easy and enjoyable to teach, Touchstone is packed with new and exciting ideas, offering a fresh approach to the teaching and learning of English.

Young Adult/Adult: Beginning to Intermediate


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Cambridge International Corpus

Touchstone Corpus Information

At the core of Touchstone is a brand-new syllabus area of conversation management strategies such as how to start and end conversations, how to show interest, and how to ask questions that are not too direct. The result is a ground-breaking course of language and skills development that helps learners communicate naturally and effectively, even at the very beginning levels.

The Cambridge International Corpus (CIC) has been developed by Cambridge University Press to help in writing materials for learners of English. It is a large collection of written and spoken texts, stored in a database, that can be searched to see how English is used. The English in the CIC comes from many sources including newspapers, books, Web sites, magazines, radio and television broadcasts, and recordings of everyday conversations.




Student's Book | Workbook | Teacher's Edition | Audio Program

Touchstone Student's Book

Touchstone Student's  Book 1

The Touchstone Full-color Student's Books are organized in clear two-page lessons.

Key Features:

Conversation Strategies

  • How do you start and end conversations?
  • How can you ask questions politely?
  • How can you respond to someone's news?

Strategies like these are taught in every unit to help students manage conversation more effectively.

In Conversation panels

  • What are the most common words following That's...?
  • When do you use isn't and when do you use 's not?

In Conversation panels present interesting, useful facts about the vocabulary and grammar most frequently used in conversation.

Figure it Out and Notice activities

  • How can I get my student to use their inductive skills?

Figure it out and Notice activities challenge students to think about new grammar and new conversation strategies.

Vocabulary notebook pages

  • What are good ways to organize and write down new vocabulary?
  • What are useful techniques for students to practice vocabulary on their own?

A Vocabulary Notebook page in every unit offers students practical tips and activities for building their vocabulary.

Self-study Audio CD/CD-ROM

  • How can students improve their speaking and listening skills outside of class?

A Self-study Audio CD/CD-ROM provides supplemental interactive listening, speaking, and vocabulary activities in each unit.


Touchstone Workbook

Touchstone WorkBook 1

The Touchstone workbook provides follow-up exercises for each lesson in the Student's Book, giving thorough practice of new vocabulary, structures, and conversation strategies, as well as providing extra reading and writing activities.

A progress-check chart at the end of each Workbook unit helps students evaluate their progress and plan further study. top


Touchstone Teacher's Edition

Touchstone Teacher's Edition

The Touchstone interleaved Teacher's Edition contains practical teaching notes and optional activities side-by-side with the Student's Book pages.

Audio scripts, answer keys and tests are provided.



Touchstone Audio

Touchstone Audio Touchstone Audio cd


Touchstone audio provides students with natural models for speaking and pronunciation as well as the opportunity to listen to a variety of voices and accents.





Student's Book 1: Unit 4 Sample Unit, Unit 4 Self-study listening, Unit 4 Checkpoint
Student's Book 2: Unit 11 Sample Unit, Unit 11 Self-study listening, Unit 11 Checkpoint
Student's Book 3: Unit 9 Sample Unit, Unit 9 Self-study listening, Unit 9 Checkpoint
Student's Book 4: Unit 10 Sample Unit, Unit 10 Self-study listening, Unit 10 Checkpoint

Workbooks: Level 1, Unit 4 , Level 2, Unit 11 , Level 3, Unit 9 , Level 4, Unit 10

Teacher's Editions: Level 1, Unit 4 , Level 2, Unit 11 , Level 3, Unit 9 , Level 4, Unit 10

Class Audio Program
Student's Book 1, Unit 4 Audio: Track 47, Track 51
Student's Book 2, Unit 11 Audio: Track 24, Track 29
Student's Book 3, Unit 9 Audio: Track 3
Student's Book 4, Unit 10 Audio: Track 15, Track 16, Track 19, Track 20


Sample Student's Book
Sample Teacher's Edition
Sample Teacher's Edition
Sample Student's Page
Sample Teacher's Page
Sample Teacher's Page

For additional samples, please view the components above.



Touchstone Pricing

Level 1 (Beginning)

Media Type
Part #
Purchase Online
Touchstone Level 1 Student's Book With Audio CD/CD-ROM 9781107679870 Book + CD-ROM #9776 $36.25
Touchstone Level 1 Workbook 9781107639331 Book #9777 $21.25
Touchstone Level 1 Teacher's Edition 9781107642232 Book #9778 $59.75
Touchstone Level 1 Class Audio CDs (4) 9781107614147 Audio CD #9779 $74.75


Level 2 (High Beginning)

Media Type
Part #
Purchase Online
Touchstone Level 2 Student's Book With Audio CD/CD-ROM 9781107681736 Book + CD-ROM #9780 $36.25
Touchstone Level 2 Workbook 9781107690370 Book #9781 $21.25
Touchstone Level 2 Teacher's Edition 9781107624023 Book #9782 $59.75
Touchstone Level 2 Class Audio CDs (4) 9781107677579 Audio CD #9783 $74.75


Level 3 (Intermediate)

Media Type
Part #
Purchase Online
Touchstone Level 3 Student's Book With Audio CD/CD-ROM 9781107665835 Book + CD-ROM #9784 $36.25
Touchstone Level 3 Workbook 9781107642713 Book #9785 $21.25
Touchstone Level 3 Teacher's Edition 9781107680944 Book #9786 $59.75
Touchstone Level 3 Class Audio CDs (4) 9781107631793 Audio CD #9787 $74.75


Level 4 (High Intermediate)

Media Type
Part #
Purchase Online
Touchstone Level 4 Student's Book With Audio CD/CD-ROM 9781107680432 Book + CD-ROM #9788 $36.25
Touchstone Level 4 Workbook 9781107682757 Book #9789 $21.25
Touchstone Level 4 Teacher's Edition 9781107681514 Book #9790 $59.75
Touchstone Level 4 Class Audio CDs (4) 9781107612723 Audio CD #9791 $74.75



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