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Workplace English

These courses help you to improve the English you need for your current or future job. They teach you, through relevant work situations, the communication skills essential for career success and give you the confidence you need to use English at work. Contact us.

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Software - stand-alone and network software for pc & mac

- to teach you the English you need in your current or future job



Working Experience Software


Basic Life Skills at Work

Basic Life Skills at Work


This entertaining CD-ROM adventure and strategy game is set within the context of real-life situations, with over 70 activities designed to improve English-language, basic reading, math, and computer skills.

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Workplace English Textbooks


The Working Experience

The Working Experience


The Working Experience is a series of three texts focusing on adult ESL students' working experiences in native countries and in the U.S. Fifteen short readings per book use work as a central theme. Titles include "My First Job", "A Working Mother," and more. Pre-reading activities and follow-up exercises develop vocabulary skills, expand reading and comprehension skills, and reinforce basic grammar patterns.

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The English You Need for the Office

The English You Need for the Office


Following a picture process dictionary approach (see English for Everyday Activities) The English You Need for the Office introduces vocabulary for talking about 56 daily office activities, focusing on verbs as the main building blocks for communication.

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Key Vocabulary for a Safe Workplace

Key Vocabulary for a Safe Workplace


An accessible picture-dictionary format introduces vocabulary and helps students recognize even complicated or technical terms and relate them to their own workplace. Practice and application activities link core vocabulary with related terms and phrases. Flexible format allows learners to relate what they learn to personal experience and create their own workplace-specific safety vocabulary lists.

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Get That Job

Get That Job


Get That Job! will give your students an edge in any kind of job market. Get That Job provides information that students need to improve their chances of getting a job they like, helpful tips for getting off to a good start in a new job and easy-to-use worksheet exercises and activities to help students apply what they learn.

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On The Job English
On The Job English


Help ESL learners develop the functional language skills and effective communication strategies they need to succeed in the U.S. workplace!

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At Work In The US

At Work In The US

At Work in the U.S. will help your beginning-level English language learners gain general language skills and cultural understanding needed to function successfully at work.

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