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Writing in English


Writing in English is an interactive program that helps you write clear, concise, and correct English. It has over 200 interactive lessons with:

  • (New) Rotating Pre and Post Assessments with instant scoring
  • Clear explanations of grammar rules in English with interactive presentations
  • Interactive practice exercises with immediate feedback
  • Multiple interactive charts on topics like phrasal verbs and word forms
  • Text translated into Japanese, Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional
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Detailed description

  1. Identify the verb
  2. Identify modal auxiliaries
  3. Identify active and passive voice
  4. Identify the subject, verb and object/complement
  5. Make the subject and verb agree
  6. Use the correct verb tense
  7. Use modal auxiliaries correctly
  8. Use “do” correctly to form negative sentences and questions
  9. Use active and passive voice appropriately
  10. Use gerunds or infinitives after verbs that require them
  11. Use gerunds after prepositions
  12. Use the verb+ing correctly
  13. Use prepositions correctly
  14. Use the correct word form
  15. Use the correct phrasal verb
  16. Use the correct preposition with the adjective/verb
  17. Use the correct article
  18. Use connecting words for contrast and similarity
  19. Use transitional expressions to show connections
  20. Use the appropriate words to connect clauses
  21. Use adjective clauses correctly
  22. Use parallel structure
  23. Use clear pronoun reference
  24. Write concisely
  25. Use punctuation correctly


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